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On this Day March 4, 2022, we are celebrating World Obesity Day 2022. Today We all must become aware of effects and causes of Obesity and should find a way to get back the control of our beloved body to make World Obesity day 2022 a successful day. Let’s Begin..

Obesity – Overweight – Obesity / obese is a condition where the body’s natural energy reserve, which is stored in the fatty tissue of the human body is increased to a level that makes the person a significant risk factor for certain health diseases and it also increases mortality rate – Eating disorders .

Obesity exists in mammals (humans are mammals too). fat – Obesity in nature and  in wild animals is rare, on the other hand it is common in domestic animals, pigs and household animals sometimes suffer from obesity because they are overfed and /or under exercised.

couch potato – The junk food

Obesity example

World Obesity Day 2022

obesity prevention High body weight is a major factor which is connected to a few major diseases :
  – Particulary cardiovascular disease.
  – Diabetes mellitus type 2.
  – Sleep apnea.
  – Osteoarthritis.
  – Also a risk factor for cancer.
 Diet and exercise, just like medication and weight  loss – In severe cases obesity surgery is recommended in order to reduce the risk of  developing these diseases.

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Treatment for obesity | The medical Definition

Obesity definition is continually redefined because of new discoveries. In humans, the most common check for obesity is by BMI (Body Mass Index). Flexible Diets The BMI is calculated by dividng the weight by the height squared. The BMI  – Body mass index system was created by the Belgian statistician Adolphe Querelet

I calculated my BMI, What now?
A BMI iver 25.0 kg/m2 is categorized as a sign for overweight.
A BMI iver 30.0 kg/m2 is categorized as a sign for obesity.
A BMI iver 35.0 kg/m2 is categorized as a sign for morbid obesity.

Obesity Measurement | Body Mass Index

Another way to determine obesity is by the body percentage  body fat.  It varies from men to women.  Men with over 25% of body fat are obese. Women  on the other hand, with over 30% of body fat are obese. It is very difficult to measure accurate body fat, and the must common way today is by weighing the person’s body fat under water,Formula Diet  however for this procedure very special equipment is needed for this kind of test.

Obesity: Checking Body Fat

Nutrition There are another two methods for checking  body fat.  In the first one the body fat can be measured by the ‘skinfold test’, this method is to take a pinch of skin, and measure it to determine the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer. Prepackaged-Meal Diet The second method is bioelectrical impedance analysis, but this one is usually carried out at  specialist clinics only. 

It is recommended to take out a health insurance to cover any type of health condition 

losing weight Everyone would love a miracle treatment for obesity, unfortunately there is none, the only way to losing weight is dieting and today there are many diets on the market such as a  Fruitarian Prepackaged-Meal Diet or a fixed-menu diet, unfortunately most people cannot keep up a diet by themselves and eventually gain weight even after weight loss.  Fixed-Menu Diet  If you are one of these people a dietician should be consulted who can recommend flexible diets that are suitable for your life style that is well balanced including all nutrition and is coupled with physical activity. 

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 dietician A big percentage of the population today suffer from eating disorders and obesity is just one of them.  Fruitarian Obesity is mainly common in the modern world where children from a young age are sitting in front of their computers or televisions and eating junk food without doing any physical activity and they become couch potatoes without even realising it.

weight loss The market today offer many dieting and weight loss programmes such as pills for reducing the appetite and formula diets which can be very tempting for obesity prevention but should be taken only under supervision from a physician. try to make  physical activity 

Types of diets Consequently – if you are prone to gain weight and you follow a healthy eating plan together with regular exercise and healthy life style you will be much healthier and feel better, 

Obesity Causes

Obesity can be created by various method’s and it is the progress of certain behaviours that lead to obesity. When the body energy exceeds to an energy expenditure, the body ‘s fat cells, muscle and liver cells are taking the energy and store it as fat.  As simple as it sounds, obesity only occurs when the lifetime energy intake exceeds more than it should  be.

Factors which contribute to the development of obesity : 

  • Living a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Genetic factors.
  • Weight cycling, which is caused by many attemps to lose weight by dieting.
  • Genetic disorders.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Living a stressful life.
  • Smoking for a period of time.

             When a person gains weight there are a lot of reasons why he gained weight  and how, but what about certain societies where their average weight grows. A  Geneteic cause for obesity is making sense in an individual, but not for a whole culture where weight rises are higher than others. 

Since 1980 there have been a  number of a new theories about the cause of obesity :

  • Being a ‘couch potato’ – Lack of activity not because of the obesity, but just as a lifestyle.  Eating correctly  with the right sport activity can be great for preventing obesity and other diseases.
  • The price of food in general has fallen.  The prices for commodities such as sugar and syrup are lower today in comparison with years ago because of consumer competition.
  • The changes of  prices of mineral and petrol oil also effects the cause as the prices of the oil are affordable and people can drive anyway to eat anything they may fancy.
  • The fast-food business also increases the chances of becoming obese . Today you can find a fast-food restaurant such as  McDonalds in  every city or state and the food is filled with calories, even if they had a special health campaign, the food is still full of calories.
  • Age may be also a important factor, the chance to be obese is increasing as much as you are getting older. because as a person gets older, the body’s metabolism slows down.

There are various causes for Obesity , however you can protect yourself and your body in order to  prevent it.  If you are obese or if you don’t want to become obese in the future, go to the next page and learn about therapies for obesity.

Fighting Child Obesity

Fitness and nutrition expert, Tracey Redford of Curves International says, “The inactivity among young people can not be blamed solely on the evolution of Internet technology and television in itself. Child obesity has lead to a number of other health related issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease from the combination of improper nutrition and lack of exercise.”

Redford went on to say, “We live in a complex society where children of all ages have to contend with social issues such as depression, violence and divorce all having a downward spiraling affect both physically and emotionally. The psychological impact this has on our youth’s triggers an imbalance in eating habits and leads to a lack of motivation creating a domino effect.”

A summer camp experience with weight loss benefits

Obesity in children

Last year in Canada alone the government spent over $2 billion on medical procedures surrounding obesity. No matter how many times we read about or see it on the news, children still do not understand the connection between eating, exercise and a healthy body.

Rather than pointing fingers and placing blame, we need more resources and programs that can be offered such as summer camp programs specializing in weight loss. These camps are sometimes referred to as “fat camps” for young children and teens to guide them and educate them on making good healthy choices.

Children and parents shouldn’t be turned off by the words, “fat camp” which simply means a place where children of all ages can get fit, learn about nutritional balance and have fun doing so. Getting to participate in sports, crafts, and making make new friends while achieving weight loss in a nurturing environment provides a positive alternative for kids, and can pave the way to combat obesity.

The ultimate goal is sustainable healthy weight loss

When children feel they have no options, they continue on the same path of poor eating habits leading to a state of helplessness. Sending a child to a gym where they feel isolated and eventually lose motivation is not the solution either. Redford explains, “We need far better choices if we want our youth’s to get on track and stay on track. Weight loss camps for pre-teens and teenagers are a viable solution.”

What exactly is a weight loss camp?

It’s about building a better self-image and self esteem while promoting health and wellness with individualized programs geared to weight loss that yields long term results. This is the foundation of the whole weight loss summer camp experience.

A nutritionist designs an appropriate menu enabling campers to lose the weight and provide the necessary tools to keep the weight off upon returning home from camp. Understanding that the parent’s role is crucial in encouraging proper weight control for their children, the camps provide access to a network of nutritionist across the country.


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