How To Manually Calibrate Battery of Android Smartphone

Calibrate Android Battery: Battery is the main component that is very important and all HP ranging from HP lawas until the latest sure the component that this one can not be separated. The battery holds a very important role, namely as a supplier of electric energy to the components in the smartphone itself. If the inside of the human body, can be interpreted battery this is food so without food, the human will die similarly smartphone.

How to Easy Battery Calibration Android Smartphone

Today is indeed a smartphone constantly created and developed, the technology on offer continuously improved so that the features in it is very advanced. Don’t be surprised if today many people are leaving the computers and prefer a smartphone instead. As an example for streaming video, now do on any smartphone can, so a lot of people who prefer streaming via smartphone than on a computer.

How To Manually Calibrate Battery of Android Smartphone
How To Manually Calibrate Battery of Android Smartphone

But there is one problem that often occurs during the use of the smartphone itself, yes the problem is the battery life, at this time many of the smartphones with specifications classy but is only able to last a few hours. Although now a lot of smartphone with large battery capacity, still it is not able to last a long time when kept in use.

Another problem that often afflicts battery is a battery that is sometimes an error or easily exhausted. Batteries that have been long in use, common problems, in contrast to when smartphones were still new buy, battery works smoothly without any obstacles. But take it easy, it turns out that the problem can be minimized, namely with how to calibrate the battery of the smartphone, by means of this battery will return to normal or her condition improved, but if the battery condition was very severe, and in the re-calibration is not successful, the best solution by buying a new battery with original quality.

Well, for those of you who want to calibrate the battery manually, can follow the way that we provide here. Please refer to how to battery calibration who knows beneficial, if it is sure there is no salahanya try. Here’s how to manual.

How To Manually Calibrate Battery Android Smartphone

1. Charge your Android Smartphone To 100% in switched on, after a full power off your smartphone.

2. After the Smartphone is dead, charge it again to share them with you to the brim, just look on the screen, the indicator will show green or 100% if the battery is full.

3. Now turn it back on your smartphone, then charge back up to full 100%.

4. Furthermore, the use of android smartphones, either for streaming, instagram, games and so forth until the smartphone runs out of battery power and shut off by itself.

5. After death, let stand smartphone for about 10-15 minutes.

6. The next step charge another smartphone android up to full in a state of death. Remember, don’t turn it on until the battery is full.

7. Once full, now your smartphone can turn it back on.

Well, with the way above, android battery you’ve successfully calibrated manually. Repeat the procedure several times until it feels the results and the difference. Indeed to be disciplined and patient.

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If you do not want to in trouble with the manual method above, you can try an application called CurrentWidget : Battery Monitor, live install and follow the steps then the battery will be calibrated automatically. Well, that’s a review that might be helpful info, if there is wrong or you have another way which is more effective, don’t hesitate to share in the comments column. Umpteen and thank you for reading How to Calibrate Android Battery Manual.

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