Five Toxin Free Gift Ideas for the Holidays 2022

If you’re not quite done your gift shopping yet or if you recently discovered that the face cream you bought Aunty May has parabens and parfum in it, then read on (you can always swap out that cream for a toxin free option).

Giving a gift is a sign of gratitude for that person. Giving a gift that is toxin-free is like saying, “Thank you for being you. In addition, I think you’re a wonderful person who shouldn’t have to take on any more toxins than we do already.”

If your friend/family member/colleague is eco-aware, then you can be sure that your gift will be appreciated on a deeper level. If not, maybe your gift will make them curious as to what it means to “Wannabe Toxic Free,” and in that case, you can send them here ( where it’s easy to take small steps and make a big impact.

If you’re interested in keeping those you care about toxin free, here are a few ideas to get your environmentally and health-conscious creative juices flowing:

Cards Galore | Toxin Free Gift Ideas

Ok, so it may not seem like much, but a card with a poem (that you wrote or referenced), a compliment, quote or a heartfelt personal message can be just (or more) touching than something extravagant you can buy. One year I got a card on a piece of birch bark scavenged from the forest- clever, creative and no tree was harmed in the process. Read also How to manually fix android battery

If you don’t’ have such resources, make a card a toxin-free option by buying organic cards or organic papers (and making your own). If they are someone who doesn’t keep cards (even if they have an awesomely personal and inspiring message) then skip this one. No need to add extra waste to their bin.

Make a Date | Toxin Free Gift Ideas

Spa date anyone? The trend for organic and vegan spas is growing! Give the gift of a mani or pedi without harmful fumes or a facial with all natural and soothing ingredients. In Toronto, Alma Natural Spa and Elixir Organic Spa are great options. Another spin on the spa gift is to invite your friend over for a DIY spa day chez vous.

Five Toxin Free Gift Ideas for the Holidays
Five Toxin Free Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Here is a site to reference when making that warming ginger-orange foot scrub or avocado carrot mask: . If you’d rather not file your friends’ feet, invite your pals over to make some products with you as a DIY-gift-creating party!

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Tea Time |Toxin Free Gift Ideas

I love tea. I am also biased and think that everybody should like tea! With black, green, oolongs, herbals and endless blends, I don’t really believe someone when they tell me they don’t like ANY tea or herbal infusions! Check out your local supermarket or specialty tea shop for organic blends.

Also beware of that “natural” flavouring ingredient. Sometimes it means there is a different blend of fruits or extracts to create a flavour, but it can also mean a naturally-derived flavour (that was then chemically altered), or a chemical that mimics a natural substance. Extra points for buying fair-trade.

Beauty and a Toxin

There are so many products for health and beauty and they often end up on the gift list. This year, nix the perfumes (go for pure essential oils instead) and read the labels!

If you get confused with whether parfum is a good thing or not, or think SLS stands for silky lovely shine, then your best bet for shopping for toxin free products is Clean Care. This database is always growing with additions of Clean Care certified companies. See and get your shopping list checked off in a jjiffy!

Shop Connect Beauty

Ever wish there was one place where you could reference companies that have supported WHEN initiatives in the past? Connect Beauty is an event that brings together fashion, beauty, health… and gifts! The event has passed for this year, but it’ll be back.

In the meantime, you can reference the website from this year to see all those eco, organic and health-conscious companies. You’ll get a toxin-free gift to give and also support those who support WHEN. It’s a win-win! See the list in the dropdown menus at :

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