Cat Toys: Choosing the Right Cat Toy

Choosing the Right Cat Toy

Cat Toys…they come in all shapes and sizes; some compel your cat to pounce playfully while others invoke the predator within, causing her to stealthily stalk her toy “prey.”

Despite all the different kinds of available cat toys, they all serve one common purpose: to keep your favorite feline feisty, agile, and active. This, in turn, is important for your cat’s health and longevity.

Besides helping keep your cat healthy and happy, you will find that the moments you share engaging your cat with her new toys will be both memorable and emotionally priceless.

Cat Toys – What should you get?

Having been privileged to share our lives with 3 cats so far, we have gained our fair share of experience on what kinds of cat toys will really unleash a feline’s feistiness.

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What follows are our opinions…for a final verdict, please consult your cat.

Play Mice

You don’t have to spend a lot on a cat toy for your cat to have a great deal of fun. A simple furry, fake mouse has proven to be a perennial favorite among our cats.

Yes, they love to pounce on a fake mouse, tear at its fake fur, and hide them as if storing away a meal to be savored later. It’s truly amusing.

Sometimes, however, these fake mice will inspire feelings of tenderness too. We’ve noticed our female cat Crystal snuggling up against them on many occasions, almost as if she is caring for them as a mother would a kitten.

Best of all, you can get a pack of these fake mice cat toys for only a few dollars.

These classic mice surely will be your cat’s favorites.

Interactive Cat Toys

Cat Toys that fall under the “interactive” category can encompass those that you yourself use to engage your cat in play, or more sophisticated battery operated ones that can be set up for you cat’s pleasure.

An example of the first would be Teaser Wands.” These are wands that have various textures attached at the tips. Simply dangle or shake these wands in front of your cat, and chances are his or her boxing instincts will kick in. Our own cat absolutely loves them.

Choose from a variety of fun colorful textures in these extra-long teaser wands Made exclusively for PETsMARTAn example of the latter would be the fantastic Panic Mouse Interactive Cat Toy. This is a battery powered mouse that is programmed to make “random” and erratic movements that will be sure to captivate your cat. The panic mouse can be fitted with a teaser wand that will drive your cat nuts — in a good way!

Panic Mouse provides hours of fun for your cat’s independent play Offers great exercise and activity for couch potato kitties

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