How to Resolve Can Not Download the Android App on Playstore

Causes and Ways to Overcome Playstore Error – Android is one of the operating system which is very popular with millions of users around the world. Smartphone with Android OS called android smartphone. Can say android is now in charge of market segments around the world, the number of users jumped sharply in 2010 to the top. Maybe for those of you who’ve been holding smartphone since the early 2000’s and have tried a variety of operating systems will tell if the Android OS is the best.How to Resolve Can Not Download the Android App on Playstore.

Operating System android was developed by Google and is very popular thanks to the application of the lot, sophisticated and mostly free. We can download various applications for free without fees collected at all. For download of course you know the popular app that became a gathering place of all the android apps, Google Play Store. This application is an application required to be installed even already be built-in apps must be in a new smartphone.How to Resolve Can Not Download the Android App on Playstore

Google Play Store offers applications from different developers all over the world, of course this application is in need and if there are any problems with this app, we can’t download or update apps that are in want. It is rarely this application is error, but in some cases, also often occurs an error like can not download, the download pending or stalled in the middle. Even sometimes the process suddenly finished but no apps are installed. Admin itself has a variety of experiences on the Google Play Store app is.

If you are currently experiencing problems such as over or rather can not download, may be in sebebkan by several things. Why can not download? this might be some of the cause.

1. Internet Connection

An internet connection is the basic factor why can’t download app in Playstore. If the connection can smoothly on make sure to download the app running smoothly.

2. Not Enough Storage

Other causes that cause we can’t download is the storage space is full. We need to know if the app is in the download with Playstore will be stored directly in the internal memory, if the memory is full of can’t to download the app.

3. Many Cache or Residual Files

The Cache is the temporary files in the produce applications that we install, this cache was sometimes not lost though we already remove the app.

4. App Google Playstore Error

This error hapens due to wrong installation of play store may be some incorrect files in apk.

5. Paid Apps

Paid applications such as books and games then this app we can not download it for free, so download it we have to pay in advance.

That’s some of the common causes that can cause we can’t download app in playstore. To solve it check out just some of the ways that successful HummingWorld get here.

How To Resolve Google Play Store Error Can’t Download

How to Resolve Can Not Download the Android App on Playstore
How to Resolve Can Not Download the Android App on Playstore

1. Restart Your Smartphone

The first step to take is to restart the advance of your smartphone, it could be playstore error because of something that can be overcome only with the restart of the smartphone. With the restart of the smartphone, the internet, your data is also terestart so you can try to download the application in Playstore.

If after restart still can’t then try to do a reboot of the smartphone there is. Turn off the smartphone for a few moments, yes about 30 minutes. Turn it back on and check whether Google Play Store is already in the works back.

2. Check The Internet Connection Of The Smartphone

Without internet connection you obviously can’t download app in google play store. Previous check first how your internet connection. If you are sure internet connection is smooth but still can’t download, you can replace the services of your internet provider. For example the previous Indosat, switch to Telkomsel or vice versa. If you are using wireless, check again whether the wifi no problem. Try turn off wifi and use cellular data respectively.

In addition you can also for setting the APN ( Access Point Network ), it could be that your APN is problematic, try to check back in the network settings. Change APN standards in accordance provider respectively. In addition, make sure you are in range of the network proper, if in your place support 4G, unlock 4G the internet you quickly.

3. Check The Memory Storage

Many people are not aware if the storage memory has been exhausted. We need to know if in the smartphone there is an internal storage and external. Well the internal storage this is the place to keep the apps that we download in the playstore. First check the internal memory, most don’t leave the room that is larger than the application that you want to download.

4. Delete Cache Files

Memory storage is not only full with the app installed, but also with temporary files that may already be in need. So you need to delete the cache files to give you more storage space and order to your smartphone tidak lemot. To delete the cache can be done with third party apps like Clean Master, CCleaner and others. Or you can read the reviews : Best Junk Cleaner

5. Clear Cache and Data of Google Play Store

If can not download because the application Google Play Store errors such as error 403, 492, and so forth, then we need to clear the cache or even the data in the Google Play Store app. By removing the data means that you will lose all history, the base data and cache in the Google Play Store app. It is very easy to apply, just go into settings and go to apps, select Google Play Store and then clear data of Google Play Store. After succeed you can re-open the application and login back with the account that before. Now try to download the application.

6. Re-Install The Google Play Store

If the data cache is removed but the result is still the same, maybe the cause is the Google Play app Store is problematic and need to act re-install to solve it. Please read also: How to calibrate android battery

7. Cancel the Update Process or Download

If it can’t download or update apps, you should cancel the process. Please go to Playstore >> Apps & Games Me and Cancel the Download or Update. So the problem does not occur later in the day as download and automatic updates, just turn off the automatic update in settings Playstore.

8. Uninstall Update The Google Play Store

If you ever mengupadte the Google Play Store app then it could try to uninstalling the updates. Calm this does not delete the application, just remove the soonest. It is very easy, go to Settings >> Apps >> Google Play Store and Uninstall the Updates. After that restart and now the Google Play Store app you’ve come back like when the phone is still new.

9. Enable Download Manager

If still problematic could be because the download settings are wrong. Please enable by going to Settings >> Applications >> Download Manager and then change it to Enable. Maybe in a few smartphones this setting is not found.

10. Replace your ROM

Replace the ROM is the final solution if all solutions above can’t be. Please Flashing your ROM, try to work leave this to the experts. By replacing the ROM of all the data inside the phone will be lost and returned as new. Of all the risk on the responsibility of your own.

That’s some things that we can share with the readers, is indeed a problem such as can’t download app in Google Play Store is a problem that make us upset. But as long as we find a solution, there must be a way to fix it. Hopefully this information is helpful and thank you for reading How to Overcome the Playstore Can’t Download.

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